Case Study​

What if the scammer made a mistake ?

Buying and trading trick

Stuart saw this promotion ad, giving bonus for depositing and trading cryptocurrency, he thought that by depositing money, he is actually purchasing Etherium, the truth was that he was just gambling the Ether rates inside a manipulated trading platform.

The exchange trick

After hearing about the bitcoin rise, Lisa wanted to join the party and was looking for an exchange that will let her buy Bitcoin, unfortunately, she saw an ad on facebook that directed her to an “investment company”, she left her details and right away..

The Pump and Dump trick

Gina got a text one day, when she opened the message she read about an offer to join a group of investors that want to buy a large amount of a small Alt-Coin for a low price, the message explained that through the power of a large investors group she can join there massive..

The Recovery Plan

One of the biggest tricks these binary options companies use to scam clients, is by sending someone from the companies “Recovery “department to call the client and convince them on how they can help them “recover” their lost funds which the companies brokers originally helped lose

The TeamViewer Trick

Michael at the ripe young age of 27 invested in a binary options company with his first initial deposit of $250 so that he could test their trading platform. Michael was looking for the right place to invest all of his inheritance money of $200,000 …

The Withdrawal Trick

In the Binary Options industry there are hundreds of companies and let me tell you something that you might don’t know, a lot of them are actually owned by the same people.

The Wrong Brand

Isabella initially invested $200 by a cc with the Binary option company and tried to withdraw it without trading but noticed it wasn’t processed for some days.