The Wrong Brand

Isabella initially invested $200 by a cc with the Binary option company and tried to withdraw it without trading but noticed it wasn’t processed for some days.

She contacted them by email, and instead of letting her withdraw, her account manager convinced her to deposit more funds so she can get a “risk free trade” and she will be given a signal to trade.

Her account manager specifically wrote: “you just add the funds and I will give you the trade, if you don’t win you will be refunded so there is nothing to lose.” She added $1200.
Her account manager gave her a signal to trade and it lost, after that there was no money back in her account as her account manager promised, Isabella tried to call and email the company but with no response.

Isabella than approached me and sent me all of her documents and chat history with the company, I reviewed everything very carefully and realized the company made a mistake- Isabella didn’t actually sign the risk free trade contract.

What happened is that her account manager gave her a written promise that the trade she will take will be risk free and if she lost the funds will be reimbursed, Isabella took the trade, and lost, but only after the account manager sent her the contract to sign.

This contract was supposed to trick her and actually prevent her from taking her funds out if she loses by saying in the small letters that the funds that will be reimbursed will be allowed to be withdrawn by her only when she reaches a trading volume of 20 times this amount.

This contract is very similar to the “bonus trick” and its purpose is to ristrict the customer from ever withdrawing his funds.

The moment I asked Isabella for the risk free trade contract and she told me she still didn’t sign it I knew we had them!

At this point I told her to of course not sign this contract and prepared for her a very well written warning for the company, attached with the evidence we had and stating that they have no other way than to refund the funds to her account or we will take this further.

These actions resulted in the company’s refund to Isabella after 5 business days.