The Withdrawal Trick

In the Binary Options industry there are hundreds of companies and let me tell you something that you might don’t know, a lot of them are actually owned by the same people.

Keith got to me after he had deposited 1750 Euro and traded successfully for a while. He had grown his capital to 7500 Euro, this of course until he answered the brokers call…

Big Mistake ! Huge Mistake : After one day of trading with his broker, you know the guy that make you a millionaire, he had lost all of his capital.

Keith was very upset and turned to me for help.

We had started the process of trying to retrieve his funds from the Binary Options company, and surprise : when we received the reply email, it was from a different Binary Option brand.

Keith obviously didn’t put a lot of meaning to this, but in fact this reply of the second brand on the same thread was our winning ticket!

This was a human mistake that they did, but at the same time a clear breach of security.

Needless to say that after 1 email to them stating this severe felony, Keith received a full refund in a matter of 3 business days.

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